When an eye has to be removed or emptied due to medical problems, very careful and well-executed surgery is essential to avoid subsequent complications in the cavity that will house the prosthesis. When associated medical treatments (e.g. radiotherapy) or when the initial surgery does not go well, complications can arise that are difficult to manage, such as exposure of the orbital implant or contraction of the cavity.

Exposure of the orbital implant occurs when the ball that is placed inside the orbit to restore volume is extruded, i.e. it “pops out” and becomes visible. This results in a constant and abundant discharge and the risk of the implant becoming infected. Treatment generally consists of either covering the exposure with a dermal and fat graft, or removing the exposed implant and replacing it with a new one by redoing the initial surgery.

The contraction of the cavity means that the cul de sac where the external prosthesis is housed are shortened, causing it to rotate or even fall out, sometimes making it impossible to wear the prosthesis. Treatment varies from mucosal grafting of the mouth in less severe cases to complex surgery using nearby muscles to reconstruct the cavity.


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