Ectropion is a malposition of the eyelids in which the edge of the eyelid turns outwards, so that the conjunctiva (the inner part of the eyelids that touches the eye) becomes dry and irritated, causing constant discomfort in the eye. In addition, the lacrimal punctum also moves outwards, so that it cannot collect the tears from the lacrimal meniscus, resulting in almost continuous tearing.

It is mainly caused by laxity of the eyelids (involutional ectropion, the eyelids lose their normal tension). In less frequent cases it is due to scarring of the eyelid skin (cicatricial ectropion), or due to facial paralysis (paralytic ectropion).

Ectropion is treated with surgery. Depending on the type of ectropion, it can be done by tightening only the eyelids to provide stability and prevent it from rotating outwards, or in more complex cases, either caused by scarring or facial paralysis, it will be necessary to resort to more complex techniques, such as the use of skin grafts or midfacial lifting. In any case, practically all surgical techniques, including lifting or the use of grafts, can be performed under local anaesthesia and on an outpatient basis, without hospitalisation. The surgery usually results in a normal position of the ectropic eyelid with the disappearance of discomfort.


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